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Take Your Profile to the Next Level

Dropped another video in the Lawyer Backlinks Series. Just showing you how to get the Best Lawyer Website Backlinks.

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Today we’re talking about how to get a super powerful do-follow, lawyer niche relevant backlink from the lawyer directory (Domain Authority = 46, Trust Flow = 53).

You can see my LeadCounsel Lawyer Profile in the video.

A lot of attorneys do not even bother to get a profile on this site, even though it is a tremendously valuable attorney website backlink to have.

Not only do I get a backlink from this site, but I take a few super-secret steps to squeeze even more link juice out of this profile.

Watch the video and I’ll show you how I use HTML code to get do-follow, keyword anchor text backlinks to my site, and I also get extra backlinks to my other lawyer profiles.

I also get…

  • a YouTube video embed
  • Web2.0 Profile backlinks
  • a ton of link juice to my entire online profile
  • keyword in the profile URL

This is one of the strongest lawyer backlinks you can get for your law firm website.

If you want to get to the top of page one of the Google search results, this is the kind of next level SEO that you are going to have to employ.

-Dustin Sanchez (832) 305-5997