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DustinSanchezTV Exclusive: Lawyer BOYCOTTS TRUMP State of Union Address because he “met a girl on Bumble…”

It’s President Trump’s first State of the Union Address — but not all lawyers are planning to attend.

An anonymous employee at the famed marketing company DustinSanchezTV sent us this legally acquired email from the servers of same.

Mr. Sanchez featured on the right (wearing blue tie)

“Hey Dustin, just wanted to verify that you will be attending the Donald’s SOTUA.” -Anonymous Staffer

Mr. Sanchez’ reply below.

“Negative gostrider [sic] i kind of met this girl on Bumble.” -Mr. Sanchez

Seriously? A Bumble Date?

We called the offices at DustinSanchezTV and obtained an exclusive with the Texas Lawyer (marketing expert).

He stated emphatically…

“Seriously dude, this is the first connection I made on Bumble in 17 weeks.”

We asked how he thought the President would respond to this boycott.

“He would probably call this Fake News since I’m basically interviewing myself here and pretty much fabricated this entire blog post for clicks.”

Then Mr. Sanchez had to accept another phone call and seems to have accidentally hung up on us.

We will keep you posted on this development.