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Did You Know That You Can Embed LinkedIn Posts On Your Website?

So yeah, I’m famous on LinkedIn. It’s really no big deal, but I’m kind of a big deal on LinkedIn.

And if you’re not on LinkedIn following me on LinkedIn, then here’s what you are missing out on.

Why LinkedIn Slays For Business Owners

Almost all of my business comes from LinkedIn marketing. Here’s why…

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LinkedIn still has organic reach

UPDATE SEPT. 26, 2019: LinkedIn organic reach is going down for everything except native video uploads, and text posts with no links or images.

This post was seen by 2,600+ last week. Just a simple, free, organic post.

You can reach your exact target audience…for free

Did I mention that it was 2,600+ LAWYERS? Yes the exact people I want to pay me to do their marketing saw that free post.

All you have to do is just connect with the exact people you’re trying to reach. Then, make content that they would find useful, interesting, and most importantly, entertaining.

Anyway, here’s how to embed LinkedIn Posts on your website…

Watch the video here >

Why would you want to embed LinkedIn Posts on your website?

This one got 170+ likes, 23 comments, and over 15,000 views

And most of those posts are just little thoughts I recorded on the fly…that really resonated with my target audience.

And If you don’t save them somewhere permanent, then they just get lost in your LinkedIn feed like any other status update on any other social media platform.

“Status updates” on LinkedIn are more valuable than blog articles because they get more organic push from LinkedIn than a blog article or video that you might share there.

You  can REALLY build your footprint (and business) with LinkedIn status updates. But, the drawback is that these status updates are only temporary.

They disappear from your feed in a matter of hours. But if you save them, embed them, or link to them on your own website, then you can re-purpose the winners. As I’ve done here.


  1. Is LinkedIn even still a thing?

    LinkedIn has grown in popularity over the last few years. The platform is mainly filled with professionals who treat it the same way most people treat Facebook. So, while it is very difficult to “market” on Facebook organically, because the platform has been flooded out…it is still quite effective to market on LinkedIn because it is a much less crowded channel.

  2. Why should I embed LinkedIn Posts?

    I use it to keep a record of my most engaging posts. When you post something on LinkedIn, it disappears from your feed in a matter of days. Embedding them on your website allows you to “save” posts that performed well, and re-share them if needed.