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Divorce Lawyer SEO | 3-Pronged Attack

Divorce Lawyer Website Marketing isn’t just about SEO anymore. While I am the top Divorce Attorney SEO Expert, I’m now using the DustinSanchezTV 3-Pronged Attack that is helping lawyers sign new clients at an alarming rate.

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While this article is geared towards divorce attorneys, this same process works like gangbusters in any legal niche. I just picked divorce because I’m kind of a big deal in the divorce lawyer marketing space…Google me.


Divorce Attorney SEO Video Tutorial

The DustinSanchezTV 3-Pronged Approach to Lawyer Marketing

Lawyer website marketing is not just about search engine optimization anymore. If that is all you are doing, then you are leaving money on the table every month. To be clear…SEO is still a large part of attorney website marketing, maybe even what you might call the backbone of your online marketing efforts. But, it’s also only the beginning.

Phase 1 – Lawyer SEO

Keep in mind that all three of these phases are happening simultaneously. In phase one we send (1) powerful, (2) safe, (3) relevant backlinks from (4) REAL websites to your attorney website.

What makes a good lawyer website back-link?

What makes anything good in online marketing?

Anything that is “real” is good in online marketing.

For instance, I am a lawyer, and is a lawyer marketing website. has this giant backlink from The American Bar Association…see below.

lawyer blogging

This is a perfect back-link for my Lawyer Marketing website for 3 reasons.

[1] It’s Powerful – The American Bar Association is one of the most powerful websites in the lawyer niche. The image below shows that it has 285,000 visits per month, and the total website traffic value is worth $736,000 per month. That’s power…not to mention the 33,100 other websites that are linking to it. POWER!

[2] It’s Safe – When people talk about “safe” backlinks, what they mean is that Google would expect your particular website to get a back link from this particular website. In the life-cycle of any “lawyer” website, Google knows that you will be getting (1) back-links from all of your social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, these are all “safe” back links because Google expects / wants every legitimate business to have them.

What Google doesn’t expect or want, is for you to get a bunch of back links from fake, spammy websites that have nothing to do with the law. For example, if you are a lawyer in Detroit, then you should not be getting a bunch of backlnks from some Chinese website about wholesale electronics.

So a back link from the American Bar Association is super safe for me because if you are the best lawyer marketing expert on the planet, then Google just expects you to get back links from the top lawyer websites like the American Bar, the State Bar of Texas, etc.

[3] It’s Relevant – This link is highly relevant to my particular topic…lawyer marketing, because it comes from the top lawyer website, on a blog article about lawyer marketing. It doesn’t get any more relevant than that. As a divorce attorney, if you are looking for relevant backlinks, then you want other divorce related / divorce topical / lawyer topical websites linking back to your website.

I have been in the online marketing game since about 2008; since I was sitting in the back of Texas Criminal Procedure with a laptop and a blog. I own hundreds of real, powerful, safe, highly trafficked law themed websites. Many in the divorce niche. You need back links to your lawyer website, it’s not a problem.

[4] It’s from a REAL website – This is the most important part of any back link. It needs to be from a “real” website / business. There are certain indications of “real” and the most obvious is organic search traffic. Any website that is getting 285,000 organic search visits per month, is definitely a real website. When Google sees you getting a back link from a highly trafficked website, then that is powerful because traffic is the largest indication of a website’s health & power.

Most search engine optimization “experts” can send backlinks to your site, but very few search engine optimization experts can send back links to your site from real websites that actually have traffic to them. I am able to do this 100% of the time, and this is why my clients tend to dominate whatever city they practice in.

Phase 2 – Content Marketing for Attorneys

There are really 2 parts to effective content marketing for attorneys: YouTube Marketing, and Lawyer Blogging. Almost nobody does either of them correctly…

YouTube Video Marketing for Attorneys

Google owns YouTube. Google will favor any business that makes consistent and awesome lawyer YouTube videos.

I will explain this in more depth in an upcoming article series about 3 lawyers who are killing it on YouTube and bypassing every other online marketing method.

Effective Lawyer Blogging

Effective lawyer blogging is based on search volume. If there is no search volume for a specific topic, then you should not be blogging about it.

Most lawyers are just blogging about random crap…topics that are only tangentially related to their practice of law…topics that nobody is searching for…topics that have zero chance of generating Google search traffic from potential paying clients.

You need to fill your website with articles that are likely to generate organic search traffic from paying clients. Nobody in the world is better at this than me, and I have proven it time and time again.

Divorce Lawyer Blogging

Read divorce lawyer blog topics article.

See also…

Creating a Content Marketing Strategy for Lawyers

I’m going to do a content analysis of every divorce attorney in your State / City / Jurisdiction, and I’m going to determine what article topics are generating traffic for these attorneys. Then I’m going to give you a list of the top 20 articles that generate the most traffic.

Then we are going to make blog articles and YouTube videos about those exact topics which have already proven to be big time winners as far as generating traffic goes. And we are going to embed those videos on the exact blog article that they correlate to.

If you don’t want to blog, or you don’t want to make the videos, it’s not a problem. I have a team of attorneys standing by waiting for me to order more articles from them. I will get the videos and articles made for you and it’s off to the darn races.

Phase 3 – Facebook Ads for Lawyers

We will flood the city with your name, your law firm, your face…you will become the ONLY lawyer in town.

Once again, nobody in the world is better at running lawyer Facebook ads than me. If you Google the term, “lawyer facebook ads” I’m the first page multiple times in multiple different articles.

Why is Dustin Sanchez the Best Law Firm Online Marketing Expert

Most of you are hiring “salesmen” to do your marketing.

Meaning, someone called you on the phone, that person was a great salesman, and they convinced you to give them money to market your website.

That telemarketer has never used the internet to make money.

If you dropped that person off in the desert with a laptop and an internet connection, they couldn’t make a single dollar on the internet if their life depended on it…unless you allowed them a phone with which to shiester attorneys into giving them money to do their online marketing.

You hired “Big Digital Marketing Company” to do your online marketing, and the person handling your account is sitting in a cubicle making eight dollars an hour.

Nobody sitting in a cubicle making eight dollars an hour knows how to use the internet to bring your law firm multiple three thousand to ten thousand dollar clients every month.

Nobody who wakes up early in the morning, five days a week, to go fight traffic, to go sit in a damn cubicle and play office politics Monday thru Friday knows how to use the internet to bring your law firm $40,000 – $100,000+ a month in recurring revenue.

Lawyers are hiring “marketers” to do their online marketing, who’s only skill is conning lawyers into hiring them to do their online marketing. -Dustin Sanchez, J.D.

I was making money on the internet long before I ever took on a single client.

I was using the internet to make money, competing with the best online marketers in the world, long before I ever jumped into the much less competitive lawyer marketing space.

Why Dustin’s Law Firm Marketing Methods Work So Well

The main reason my methods work so well is because I actually know how to use the internet to make money. I am a…Lawyer…Marketing Expert.

Most attorneys are hiring telemarketers, who are neither lawyers, nor online marketing experts…to do their online marketing. Here are some other reasons…

  • In terms of SEO, Google looks for methods that are real, or hard to fake. When you hire me, real, lawyer websites, link back to your website. Highly trafficked websites, link back to your website. And this makes you rise to the top of the search results for your main keywords.
  • Traffic is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. I send real, Facebook traffic to your website from Day 1, and your website generates a ton of organic search traffic due to all of the articles I place on your website.
  • Warm Audience Re-Targeting: By the end of Month 1, we will have tons of people visiting your website every day. Statistics show that you have to interact with someone 7 times before they become a client. Most people will visit your site, either to read an article or to learn more about your services…and then LIFE happens, they get busy, their kid starts crying in the other room, they leave your website without calling you. Well, I place a Facebook Pixel on your site and a Google Pixel on your site, and that allows us to get right back in their face every time they log onto the internet (re-targeting ads) until they finally call us.
    • They see us one time…it’s nothing but a first encounter…it’s cold traffic.
    • They see us again, now it’s WARM traffic.
    • They see us again, now we’re friends.
    • They see us again, now we are the lawyer in their life.
    • Now they are calling us. Now they are giving us money to be their attorney.
  • People do business with people they TRUST: And all the YouTube videos I’m embedding on your website will turn you from a nameless-faceless-entity, into a trusted friend. And that’s how you sign clients. Videos establish and build trust. The same way you are starting to trust me after watching my 3 videos embedded on this page.

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