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How To Get Your First 100 Google Reviews

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Step 1: Creating The Easily Shareable Link Open a new web browser, goto, and make sure that you are logged out of all gmail accounts. Do a google search for your Business name, or your name with the word “attorney” before it. Find the Google knowledge Graph on the right hand side of the […]

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How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Business…the easy way

This post is all value, no fluff. I’m really just making it so that I have an instructional article to send to every one of my own clients. Why Are Online Reviews Important? At this time, just about everyone realizes that almost all online reviews are bullcrap. Good reviews can be, and are, purchased every […]

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The Online Reviews That Matter…

Where should you focus on getting your online reviews? There are so many different review websites to choose from, and it can be difficult to know where you should focus your efforts. Here are the 3 most important online review websites that every small business should focus on. LinkedIn Recommendations Why You Need Them: If […]

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