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100 Lawyer Marketing Videos to help lawyers use internet marketing to get new clients every day. Includes website marketing, attorney website SEO, Facebook Advertising For Lawyers. Where to get the best lawyer profiles. Offline marketing tactics, tips, and hacks.

Injury Lawyer Marketing for Mass Casualty Events

Personal Injury Lawyer marketing for mass casualty events that will likely result in a class action lawsuit doesn’t have to be difficult. Social media is the easiest way to jump on it. Most lawyers will immediately want to write a blog article about the event, and that is typically considered an SEO tactic. However, when […]

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Video is the Future of Lawyer Marketing

VIDEO…frequently published, low budget, personable…it is the fastest way to build a law practice from nothing to 5 or 6 figure$ per month. Here’s how I’d do it… Hire me here All 4 Videos in the Video Marketing Series are here. Also published by Dustin Sanchez… >> Automatic Client Generation for Attorneys Click here to […]

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Top 3 Law Firm Marketing Ideas for No-Budget Solos…that actually work

This article could put me out of business…it won’t (cuz most people are lazy), but it could. One out of every 10 callers to my lawyer marketing business, or people who fill out my Client Discovery Form, so that I can do their law firm marketing is a potential client. 1 out of every 10. […]

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Lawyer Website Domain Names – Big Scam

Lawyers are always asking me if they should shell out $25k+ for some kind of exact match domain name like AtlantaDivorceLawyer dot com. My answer is always “NO” and I’ll explain in this video. Do you need more clients? Want to work with someone who actually knows how to bring new clients to your business […]

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LinkedIn Marketing That Isn’t Spammy (and works)

LinkedIn is my largest source of referral traffic, but more importantly, it is my largest source of paying clients. I’ve learned a few LinkedIn Client Acquisition strategies (from people who I respect) and most of them did nothing for me. And if you’re still teaching people to spam the inboxes of their LinkedIn contacts, then […]

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