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How to Grow A Family Law Firm Really Fast

Maybe you don’t hate being a lawyer, you just HATE being an employee. After 5+ years of working for other attorneys, Lisa realized that she wanted to start her own law firm. Putting Your Name on the Door Today we talk about Lisa’s journey from associate to solo to OWNER. Lisa now owns the firm […]

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99 Immigration Law Blog Topic Ideas

Here’s how to find the best immigration lawyer blog topics to for your Immigration attorney website. Note that this is Article 3 in my Immigration Attorney SEO series. Find Immigration Lawyer Blog Topics The point is to find immigration law blog topics that… people are actually searching for (high search volume) not many “SEO experts” […]

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Best Immigration Attorney Backlinks for SEO

Backlinks are the cornerstone of all search engine optimization. It’s the hardest thing to fake. This is Article No. 2 in my Immigration Lawyer SEO series. If you missed the first article, go read it because w/o the topics covered in section 1, none of this stuff will work. Let’s get into it. Best Immigration […]

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Immigration Lawyer SEO + Facebook Ads for Immigration Law Firms

No rambling intro here. Just getting right into it. Facebook Ads can work in any city, in any law practice area, BUT Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not “work” for EVERY lawyer. Which brings us to Rule No. 1. 1st Rule of Law Firm SEO Back in February of 2019 I published the Top 10 […]

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Public Speaking for Introvert Lawyers

What if you’re an attorney with a HUGE fear of public speaking? Can you still market your business effectively? I sat down with Philip Sessions (Speaking Sessions Podcast) to talk about public speaking, business marketing, and making videos when you’re the world’s biggest introvert. Show Notes I learned early in my career that the leading […]

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