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DIY Lawyer Marketing – The Blueprint

It’s hard to practice law, when you don’t have any clients. -Dustin Sanchez

One day I got bored. I thought what if I gave it all away for free?

What’s the worst that could happen? Will lawyers stop hiring me to do their marketing? Will all of my competitors steal all of my methods (again)?

Well, we bout to find out.

This is in on-going document. I will post to it as I have time. Bookmark and share the page so that you can come back to it as I add to it.


This module coming soon. When I started this lawyer marketing blueprint, I was assuming you already had a WordPress website setup, or that you already knew how to build a simple WordPress website.

Website Design / Build

Dustin’s Lawyer ONLY Facebook Group

Module 1 Core / Foundations

Lawyer Profile Backlink Building

  1. Free Lawyer Profile Backlinks
  2. Paid Lawyer Profile Backlinks
  3. Online Awards Backlinks

Primary Web2.0 Profiles

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Twitter
  5. What Is IFTTT
  6. 100 Web2.0 Profiles

Google My Business Profile | All of SEO Begins Here

  1. Setting Up Your Google Business Listing Properly
  2. Getting Your First 100 Google Reviews

What About Yelp For Lawyers?

YouTube Channel Build Out

  1. Completing Your Profile
  2. Optimizing Your Channel for Views
  3. Creating Your First Video

On-Page SEO

  1. Website Home Page
  2. Practice Area Pages
  3. Sample Blog Article On-Page SEO

Intro To SEO. What Is It? Why Is It Important For Lawyers?

Module 2 – “Just Get Famous” Beats All

Getting Famous 101

  1. What does get famous mean for attorneys?
  2. Getting Famous Via YouTube
  3. Getting Famous Via Facebook
    1. Personal Profile
    2. Business Page
    3. Video Marketing
  4. Getting Famous Via Instagram
  5. Getting Famous Via LinkedIn
  6. Getting Famous Via Billboards
  7. Getting Famous Via Television Commercials
  8. Other Off Line Get Famous Methods (see theticketshark)

Insane Time Wasters | Destroying The Sacred Cows

  1. Why Networking Is Dumb…see also…BNI…Happy Hours
  2. Mailers
  3. Electronic Newsletters
  4. Print Magazine Ads
  5. Television Commercials That Don’t Work…and why
  6. Billboards That Don’t Work…and why
  7. Radio
  8. Some dude running a podcast in his mom’s basement

How Do Online Reviews Fit In?

  1. 100 Google Reviews
  2. Facebook Reviews
  3. Yelp Reviews
  4. AVVO Reviews
  5. LinkedIn Reviews
  6. Adding Reviews To Your Website

Module 3 – If You Don’t Have CONTENT; You Don’t Exist

  1. Video (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  2. Live Streaming on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  3. Lawyer Blogging

Module 4

Promoting Your Law Firm With…

  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Guest Posting
  3. YouTube Ads
  4. Google Pay Per Click
  5. Buying Leads (FindLaw, NOLO, AVVO, Yelp, etc.)

Module 5 | Sales

  1. Marketing vs Sales
  2. Converting incoming phone calls into dollars.
  3. Price Shoppers
    1. Converting “How much does it cost?” into dollars.
  4. Why video content makes sales easier.

Module 6 Offline Marketing That Works

How to make this stuff actually work…

  1. Television commercials
  2. Radio Ads
  3. Billboards
  4. The only kind of networking that’s actually worth your time
  5. Contests & Giveaways
  6. Can’t leave out TheTicketShark
  7. What if you’re ugly?
  8. What if you’re pretty?
  9. What if you’re fat?
  10. What if you’re perfect?

Bonus Modules

None of these have been approved yet, but a guy can dream…

  1. Interview with The Trademark Doctor
  2. Interview with 180 Law Co / All Up in Your Business
  3. Interview with the Law Ladies