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Lawyer Chatbots – Convert Website Visitors into Paying Clients

The commodification of legal services. Downward pressure on legal fees.

Lawyers are being commoditized. Price shopped to Hades.


Technology shifts power to the legal consumer.

No more gate keepers.

The internet makes it easy to price shop the top ten lawyers in any city.


Attorneys Use Chatbots to Build Trust

People do business with people, who they like, know, and trust.

When a potential client finds your website via Google search, they don’t know you.

You’re one faceless lawyer in a search result list of ten other faceless lawyers…who they don’t know.

A commodity.

We purchase commodities at the cheapest price possible.

They’re going to call you with the sole purpose of getting a price from you, so they can call and compare the next 9 lawyers.

Unless you start building trust the second they hit your website.

Unless you start making them like you the second they hit your website.

You want them to feel like they like, know, and trust you before they pick up the phone and dial.

Having a personal video on your website helps to accomplish this.

Do you know what can solidify the deal?

Talking with this person, commiserating with this person, telling them you’re sorry, and you understand, and you’re really good at helping people in this situation, and that you’ve already helped hundreds of people in this situation…

You can do all of this with a lawyer chat bot before they ever even call you.

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