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TikTok for Lawyers – Quick Start Guide

TikTok has been a law firm growth hack for many attorneys. If you want to grow your law firm fast (for free) with social media marketing, then TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Reels are the best way to go. This video is my Easy Quick Start Guide for Attorneys. If you haven’t built much of […]

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Injury Lawyer Marketing for Mass Casualty Events

Personal Injury Lawyer marketing for mass casualty events that will likely result in a class action lawsuit doesn’t have to be difficult. Social media is the easiest way to jump on it. Most lawyers will immediately want to write a blog article about the event, and that is typically considered an SEO tactic. However, when […]

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The GIRL Who Cried at LAW SCHOOL

Did you ever cry at law school? I didn’t, but I know a girl who did. No shame in crying. It just means you care.

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FindLaw Reviews – Worth it for lawyers?

We search the net for FindLaw reviews from actual lawyers. Is FindLaw worth it for attorneys? FindLaw Reviews  FindLaw SEO Lead Generation for Law Firms Is FindLaw Reliable? The FindLaw Reviews by Real Lawyers video you have to see. Talking about FindLaw SEO & Marketing Services – TRUTH REVEALED. To learn what’s working now […]

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Content Marketing For Law Firms – Lawyer Blogging & Legal Marketing Tips

The Biggest Lie in Lawyer Marketing By now you’ve heard it a million times, “CoNTenT is KiNg” and it’s a big fat lie. But what is true is this… EXTREMELY INTERESTING content is king. Content that is likely TO GO VIRAL is king. Content that RESULTS IN PAYING CLIENTS, and RANKS ON PAGE ONE OF […]

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