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How to Find Lawyer Blog Topics…that produce paying clients

It’s not about just throwing up random lawyer-ish articles on your website. That’s what almost every attorney is doing right now.

There is a science to it. Lawyer blogging is powerful when done correctly, and the point is to only write blog articles that generate paying clients.

Here’s how…

Lawyer Blog Topics…that generate income

One tool that can help is the Keywords Everywhere extension because it can tell you just how much search volume there is for any topic / keyword.

And you don’t want to waste time blogging about topics that nobody is using Google to search for.

Blogging is about getting in front of people who are already looking for the exact services that you offer. That’s called search traffic.

Top of The Marketing Funnel

Best case scenario, you rank for something like NYC Car Accident Lawyer, or NYC Divorce Lawyer.

That’s “bottom of the funnel,” money keywords.

That’s finding the client when they are ready to make a decision.

Those kind of keywords are extremely high competition keywords and you will not rank for them unless you hire a law firm SEO expert like me.

But, you can go after “top of the funnel” keywords…find the client earlier in the buying process (the research phase).

These are low competition keywords that are only pursued by people who are smart, hardworking, and awesome (that’s rare).

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Coming Soon…Personal Injury Lawyer Blog Topics, Criminal Law Blog Topics (sooo easy), Family Law Blog Topics.