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GOOGLE SEARCH…is still the most effective way to get personal injury clients on the internet anywhere.

But, trying to out-rank 10 personal injury law firm seo experts like me for something like Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer is going to be very expensive and take at least 9-13 months before you get to page one, and probably about 4 months before you start getting regular phone calls from search engine traffic.

You can speed the process up significantly…here’s how…

Ok, here is video No. 2 in my Lawyer Blogging Video Series

Typically, lawyers just throw random stuff on their blog.

For some reason, many are convinced that, no matter what, they should be blogging.

Truth is, you should really only be blogging if you (1) have an unlimited budget, OR (2) actually know how to choose blog articles that generate paying clients.

If you have an unlimited budget…

If money is no object, then just hire someone to blog and maybe 2 out of every 30 blog articles they write for you will actually have more than zero return on investment.

If you need to generate money ASAP then…

You got to only post blog articles that are calculated to catch top of the funnel search traffic.

Pull people into your funnel with long tail search (also low competition search traffic).

Once they get to your website, you can pixel them, then retarget them on Facebook, YouTube, or wherever they end up on the internet.

My video (above) shows you how to use AHREFS to find the exact blog articles that will generate traffic from paying clients.

(Basic Game Plan: Find the winners, copy what the winners are doing).

If you can’t afford AHREFS, or if you just don’t want to learn, then my next video and article will be about the ridiculously easy way to generate traffic with lawyer blogs (no software needed).

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