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Who Is My Dream Client?

Who do I actually want to work with?

My dream customer has an already existing law firm business. They have already found some on-going way to attract paying clients.

My dream client is already spending money on marketing, on personal growth, and can afford to pay me $3,000 per month to grow their business.

dotcom secrets for lawyers - finding your dream client

I described my DREAM client in painful detail after reading Dotcom Secrets. You should too. Click to buy.

My dream client recognizes that a law firm is a business.

My dream client is not looking for a business in a box, they already built a business. Now, they are purchasing growth.

My dream client is willing to trade $3,000 a month, for $30,000 a month.

My dream client will out grow me.

My dream client is not embarrassed, does not make excuses, is not a victim.


Work ethic.

My dream client focuses only on what matters and easily recognizes what does not matter.

My dream client is “hands-off” when they find someone they can trust.

My dream client has already developed the skill of knowing who they can trust.

Real. Recognizes. Real.

After reading Dotcom Secrets, a free book by Russell Brunson, I knew that I needed to sit down and write down exactly who I wanted to work with.

I chose a male and female name. And I named my dream clients. I wrote down everything I knew about them.

How they felt. What they did. Who they were. Why they became a lawyer.

And my life got better because I was working with the people that I wanted to work with. My people.

My business grew faster and easier than ever before.

Here is just a small bit of that process…

Dream Client Avatars


What do I know about Eric?

None of this success was handed to him. He wasn’t supposed to be here; he worked to get here, at great cost.

He went to law school for good reasons. It was not without sacrifice.

Undergraduate degree. Law School. Building a law firm. There was a great cost to all of it, beyond money.

Now he runs a money making venture called a law firm, wherein he helps people that he genuinely cares about.

This one trait–that he actually cares–sets him apart from his peers.

Eric wakes up early every morning, and puts in the work. Even when nobody is watching.

He wants to spend more time with his family. This is a constant struggle for Eric.

When he’s commuting to to the office, or downtown to the courthouse, stuck in traffic, he knows that if he could generate more business, he could hire more staff to do the work, then he could focus more on managing the work, and that would give him more time to spend with his family.

But…everyone he has hired for marketing has been a scam.

And he would gladly give an honest, competent, effective marketing expert $10,000 per month to buy back his $800 per hour time so that he can expand his business, help more people, and spend more precious time with his growing family.


What do I know about Shannon?

They told Shannon that she couldn’t do it.

Her whole freaking life, that’s what they told her.

Girls don’t do that. Women can’t do that. That’s not for you.

Shannon has a chip on her shoulder. She’s gonna eat you for breakfast, and she doesn’t give a rip what you think about her.

But that’s internal Shannon.

There is a beast inside of Shannon and most people never get to see that side of her, but it drives her every day.

That internal strength got her to where she is today. And at this point in her life, success is the natural order of things.

Success is practically easy for her now. It’s certainly simple, if not easy.

Shannon drives a foreign luxury SUV.

She has the knowledge. She has the ability. It’s all working. And now she’s looking for leverage.

Shannon has already built a team of women around her law firm.

She has a bilingual assistant, Myrna, or Myra.

Magdalena? M-something.

She has a women’s networking group…that actually works.

Shannon is active on social media. She’s a brand.

Her social media presence is an extension of her business.

She is currently favoring micro-video content like Instagram Stories, or TikTok.

She’s not sure if it’s working.

Occasionally, but not quite reliably, what she does on social media seems to result in a new client or two.

Successful? Yes. But sporadic, unpredictable growth.

Shannon has reached a point where she wants to leverage money in exchange for more time to do the things she truly enjoys…like travelling to Europe, or Tulum, or back home to the Old Country to visit her family again.

She needs a reliable, consistent marketing solution that does not wholly depend on her involvement.

Yes, she’ll always promote her business on social media. It’s fun for her.

But, she knows that to truly take this law firm to the next level, she must scale her time and purchase a marketing solution that (1) actually brings new clients on a consistent, recurring basis, and (2) does not require her involvement.

This article is part of Dustin’s DotCom Secrets series about growing your law firm with online marketing.

Dotcom Secrets is a free book by Russell Brunson.

Before applying the simple marketing principles in DotCom Secrets, my business was floundering.

Who, Not How

I woke up every day stuck in a business prison of my own making.

Wishing someone would fire me from my own business.

The problem was that I did not enjoy working with the type of customer that I was currently attracting.

I needed to attract better customers.

Customers who could easily afford me.

Frankly, customers who could afford to pay more, so that I could work with fewer of them, so that I could provide each of them much better results.

But I started my business the wrong way.

The first question you need to ask when starting a business…

I made the mistake of focusing on the product first.

I started by focusing on making a great product, and then trying to convince anyone to buy it.

This caused a bunch of desperate, no marketing budget lawyers, to hire me.

They were desperate because they had no business skills.

No work effort.

No character.

An unwillingness to acquire the knowledge required to run a successful business.


They hadn’t done the work.

And this is why they were failing in business.

And this is why they were desperate.

Does that offend you?

The simple fact is that if you are failing in business, then there is a reason that you are failing in business. It doesn’t just happen. It’s you.

Inevitably this type of client brought their many problems into my life. My stress levels went up.

Inevitably this type of client fired me a month or two later when they ran out of budget.

Because they had no recurring income. Because they had no business. Because they had no skills or work ethic.

If this article offends you, it’s because you need to become someone else. If you’re already that someone else, then the simple truth of what I’ve just said didn’t even remotely bother you.

I had to start attracting the exact opposite of these people.

who is my dream customer

99% of lawyers have never asked this questions, “Who is my dream client?”

I needed to answer this question in excruciating detail, “Who is my dream customer?

Who do I actually want to work with?

Once I answered this question, now I could tailor my entire business to attracting and servicing these dream clients.

My message would resonate ONLY with these dream clients.

I would get hired ONLY by these dream clients.

My life got easier.

My business grow faster.

My Clients got BETTER results.

It’s impossible to list all of the benefits that come from purposefully selecting and only working with your DREAM clients.

Click here to get the Dotcom Secrets book for free (just pay shipping). Your life will thank you.



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