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How to Grow A Family Law Firm Really Fast

Maybe you don’t hate being a lawyer, you just HATE being an employee.

After 5+ years of working for other attorneys, Lisa realized that she wanted to start her own law firm.

Putting Your Name on the Door

Today we talk about Lisa’s journey from associate to solo to OWNER.

Lisa now owns the firm and manages 3 associate lawyers and 2 paralegals at Bustos Family Law.

Bustos Family Law

What Did We Learn From Lisa?

The Litigation Roadmap

Lisa took a few days to work on a “litigation road map,” which described who did what in her system.

This helped her figure out who her first hire should be at the law firm.

It also helped her be able to take some time off because she could look at her litigation road map and know who exactly was responsible for each specific task in a divorce case.

Your First Hire

How did Lisa triple her revenue in one month?


Solo attorneys often ask me what their first hire should be?

At two years as a solo, Lisa’s first hire was a paralegal.

This freed her up to really grow the firm fast.


Every new law firm owner finds out that they need to become a lawyer marketing expert, or hire one.

Lisa talks about how she started joining certain Lawyer Facebook groups and lawyer marketing forums to learn about how other attorneys handled marketing.

This helped her grow fast without wasting money on bull jive marketing scammers.

Connecting in all of these groups and forums also brought her cases / referrals from other attorney group members.

Introvert Marketing for Lawyers

Lisa realizes that just about everyone hates NETWORKING.

She has a really great networking hack for introvert lawyers who hate networking.

Check out the 29 minute mark in the video.

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