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99 Immigration Law Blog Topic Ideas

Here’s how to find the best immigration lawyer blog topics to for your Immigration attorney website.

Note that this is Article 3 in my Immigration Attorney SEO series.

Find Immigration Lawyer Blog Topics

The point is to find immigration law blog topics that…

  1. people are actually searching for (high search volume)
  2. not many “SEO experts” know they should be trying to rank for this content (low competition), and
  3. are likely to generate paying clients (commerciality)

We’re looking for these 3 things: search volume, competition, commerciality.

There is no other reason to put anything on your website.

This video explains how to do this FAST, even if you have zero SEO experience.

Here is the basic idea…

  1. Find the winners.
  2. Analyze the winners.
  3. Copy the winners.
  4. Beat the winners.

The video above explains exactly how to do this process.

However, I will also write it out for you below.

Find the Winners

Whatever State you are in, just do a Google search for “(state) immigration lawyer.”

Make a note of the first 5 lawyer websites in the search results.

Basically we are just figuring out who in our jurisdiction (state) has great SEO.

From there we can just assume that they are doing blogging right.

Now it’s just a matter of figuring out what blog topics they are using to generate website traffic.

Analyze the Winners

Now we are going to analyze the traffic to those websites in our website tracking software.

I like Ahrefs.

You can see that the website above is generating 1,400 visits per month from organic search traffic.

Now let’s use Ahrefs to determine what blog article topics they are using to generate that traffic.

Copy the Winners

From the example above we have 8 blog article ideas that we know generate at least some search traffic in Texas.

  1. Asylum, or in this case I would title the article: “[my city e.g., Houston] Asylum Lawyer“. We know this article is pulling a good 73 visits a month in a major Texas city.
  2. Criminal Alien Issues. We’ll use this one as a case study below. 46 visits/mo
  3. Do I Need An Affidavit of Support for my Green Card 28 visits/mo
  4. Orders of Supervision 20 visits/mo
  5. Understanding The Different Types of Immigration Status
  6. What To Do If The Police Ask About Your Immigration Status
  7. Immigration Detention
  8. Fiancee Visas

There are 8 decent article topics that we got from this one website,

Next I would analyze every other lawyer website on Page one to get more topics.

Typically this method works so well that I actually  have to limit the article topics I decide to rewrite to 50 visits/month or more.

Meaning I will not use a blog article topic that is bringing less than 50 visits a month to a website.

This part about “copying” the winners is only helping else decide what blog article topics to write about.

We will not actually “copy” or plagiarize these articles.

We will simply re-write an article on the same topic, in our own words.

Beat The Winners

Now that we know what blog articles to write, then next thing is figuring out how to OUTRANK those attorneys for their own keywords (blog topics).

In other words…steal their traffic.

This is the easy part.

Look, if u were trying to rank for a keyword like “weight loss,” then you would have to outrank the 10 best SEO experts in the world.

If you were trying to rank for a keyword like “houston immigration lawyer,” then you only have to outrank ten…immigration lawyers…in Houston…who know anything about SEO.

That is much easier.


If you are trying to rank for some long tail…immigration lawyer keyword…in the city of Houston, that is beyond simple.

Chance are whoever that attorney paid to write that blog article did not know anything about SEO and they just got lucky when 1 out of the 100 articles on their site just happened to rank for something.

If you apply just the smallest bit of SEO knowledge and forethought to the process you can easily send another 1,000 to 10,000 visits/month to your website.

This is how I wreck shop in the immigration lawyer space.

With all of that in mind, let’s see how I would beat the “criminal alien issues” article on the website.

First thing is I do not like that title.

So we will throw the article into AHREFS to see what we should title the article.

If you go to that actual article on the markjacobslaw website, you can see that the article title is “Criminal Alien Issues.”

However, AHREFS is showing us that the article is generating traffic for the keyword “criminal immigration lawyer,” and not “criminal alien issues.”

Additionally, you can see that whatever SEO guru markjacobslaw is working with realized that as well because they change the SEO meta-title to “Dallas Criminal Immigration Attorney | Deportation.”

And in this case you have an on-page SEO situation that looks like this:

  • SEO Meta-Title: Dallas Criminal Immigration Attorney | Deportation
  • URL:
  • H1: Criminal Alien Issues
  • H2: US Criminal Alien and Immigration Lawyer in Dallas-Fort Worth
  • 250 Words of text
  • No YouTube embed
  • No Image embed
  • No JSON LD / FAQ Schema
  • No where in the 250 words of text are the words: criminal immigration lawyer.

It’s going to be too easy to outrank this website for this keyword…LOW COMPETITION.

The ONLY on-page SEO that even includes the keyword that this page generates traffic for is in the SEO Meta-Title.

That is how we know that we can EASILY rank for this keyword in Dallas, or any other Texas city.

And the analysis we’ve already done shows us that there is certainly search volume for this keyword.

We’ve got search volume, we’ve got low competition, and now we are just looking for commerciality.

In other words, is this keyword likely to generate money.

Is whoever is looking for this keyword likely to turn into a phone call or turn into a paying client if they find our website?

Commerciality is actually the most important part, but we’ll get to that shortly.

We can certainly beat this lawyer’s SEO.

  1. Put the actual keyword in the SEO Meta title
  2. Put the keyword in the URL
  3. Put the keyword (and/or variations of the keyword) in the H1, H2, H3 headings
  4. Write a 500 word article instead of a 250 word article
  5. Make a YouTube video about “Dallas Criminal Immigration Lawyer,” and embed that video on the article page.
  6. Instead of trying to rank for the keyword “Dallas Criminal Immigration Lawyer” with an article about “criminal alien issues,” just go ahead and write an article about “Dallas Criminal Immigration Lawyer”

Our On-Page SEO would look like this:

  • SEO Meta-Title: Criminal Immigration Lawyer | Dallas Deportation Attorney
  • URL:
  • H1: Criminal Immigration Lawyer
  • H2: Dallas Deportation Attorney
  • 250 500+ Words of text about the topic “Dallas Immigration Attorney.”
  • YouTube video embed optimized for the same topic
  • 1 – 2 images embeded with markup for “criminal immigration lawyer”
  • FAQ Schema markup for dallas immigration lawyer with FAQ questions and answers like:
    • How much does a criminal immigration lawyer in Dallas cost?
    • What does a Deportation Lawyer in Dallas do.
    • Who is the best immigration lawyer in Dallas?

This alone will get us on Page one without even worrying about backlinks to this specific URL.

Typically lawyers hire me to write blog articles for them using my 20 article Content Bomb package.

However, you  an do this process yourself.

Just use the steps above to find 20-100+ articles for your website.

You’re looking for

  1. high search volume
  2. low competition
  3. high commerciality

Want me to do this process for you?

Hit me up at

Commerciality is IMPORTANT

Will these blog article topics result in paying clients?

This is the most important part.

I help lawyers make money.


If you’re not going to make money from it, then there is NO reason to put it on your website.

There is no reason to blog just to blog.

Every other lawyer marketing “expert” is selling crap like this to lawyers:

4 Self-Car Tips After Your Divorce

NOBODY is searching for that term on Google.

And NOBODY who is looking for that on Google is likely to turn into a paying client.


The ONLY reason articles like this exist is because somebody WHO KNEW NOTHING ABOUT MARKETING, needed to scam an attorney in to paying them to do their marketing.

If you are an attorney, and you have articles like this on your website, then you are working with someone who knows nothing about marketing.

There is no reason to pay someone who knows nothing about marketing to handle any aspect of your marketing.

If you are one of those lawyers (at least 70%) who is paying someone who knows nothing about marketing to do your marketing, then you have two choices.

Option One: Don’t pay ANYONE to do your marketing.

Having no marketing at all is BETTER than paying someone who doesn’t know anything about marketing to do your marketing.

At least 70% of all lawyers who are paying someone to do their marketing are paying someone who knows nothing about marketing to do their marketing.

Option Two: Find someone who (1) knows how to use the internet to make money, and (2) helps lawyers use the internet to make money, and pay them to do your marketing.

Hit me up here.

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