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How to Get Likes on Facebook Business Page Without Paying…Fast

Here’s a quick hack to score some FREE likes and followers on your Facebook business page. I’ve been doing this on the downlow for all my lawyer clients and now I’m going to go ahead and reveal the secret sauce…see the video below

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Easy Way to Get First 1,000 Likes on Facebook Business Page

  1. Create a post on your Facebook page that is either funny or controversial, or some kind of viral video. Images and videos work best, but even a post like…”Should lawyers drive luxury cars? Comment below…” would work.
  2. Boot your post, at $7 per day X 3 days, to a general audience in your niche. Example, if you are a lawyer in Houston, just boost your post to Houston + 25 miles, men and women ages 21+, if you are in the Yoga niche, just boost your post to United States, women, 21+, interested in Yoga…it’s not rocket science. DO NOT TRY TO OUTSMART FACEBOOK, JUST PICK AS GENERAL AN INTEREST GROUP AS POSSIBLE, FACEBOOK WILL DO THE REST.
  3. People will begin to “Like” or “emoji respond” to your ad, see below…

4. Click on the number of likes, and then invite those people who liked your post, but don’t already like your page (all explained in video above).

This is the kind of ninja marketing tactics you pick up when you are the world’s best law firm SEO expert and Facebook Marketing Guru.

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