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How to Convert Incoming Phone Calls Into Customers, i.e., paying clients

Your phone answering skills can kill your entire sales funnel. If you, or your receptionist blows it, then all your search engine optimization, organic traffic, or paid traffic is wasted…money down the drain. This simple phone script hack can (1) stop people from price shopping your law firm, and (2) turn incoming phone calls into customers. And no lawyer is talking about this…

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Video Summary:

Law Firm Receptionist Phone Script to Sign More Clients

Can changing the way you answer the phone actually help you sign more clients?

Here is a simple phone answering “hack” that you can use to (1) stop incoming phone callers from price shopping your law firm, and (2) sign more clients.

Step 1 – Identify Yourself (duh)

Most attorneys or law firms just answer the phone as, “law office.”

I don’t know why they do this. What generally happens as a result of this is that the incoming caller is confused. Train yourself, and your staff, to answer the phone with the intention of leaving no doubt in the caller’s mind.

Hello, this is Dustin at the Johnson Law office, we help clients who are in need of a criminal attorney. How can I help you?

Step 2 – Ask for the BEST Call-back Number

Most likely, the attorney is not available to take the call. So, ask for the name, write it down. After writing the name down, ask for the best call back number. After getting the best call back number, then, ask for the message or a brief explanation of the legal question/matter. Then write it down.


Step 3 – Ask for the Email Address

This is the magic sauce. Once you get the contact info and the message, then you say, “Sometimes [attorney first name] likes to follow up with an email. Do you have a good email address for her?

Most of the lawyers that I help build client generation funnels are using search engine optimization to market their law firm.

Presumably, when a potential clients calls the firm, they are sitting on their cell phone or computer with the first page of the Google search results open, they have called us (the first attorney on the page), and there are 9 other lawyers sitting on that same page ready to be called right after they finish talking to us.

You have to prevent that. You have to prevent them from calling any other attorney. The best way to do that is to get their email address, and follow up the moment you get off the phone with them

Just send a general message. It really doesn’t matter what the email says, the point is just to GET IN THEIR INBOX, GET IN THEIR CELL PHONE, and become the lawyer in their life.

Once you make their cell phone ping, you got them. They are not calling anyone else. They’re now waiting for you to call them back.

Here’s a good follow up email script for nearly every incoming sales call from a potential client:

Hi Mr. Sanders, it’s Jessica, San Diego DWI Lawyer.

Thanks for the call today, I will call back as soon as court dies down for the day.

In the mean time, please check out this Frequently Asked Questions sheet (attached) that many of your clients find helpful.

Talk to you shortly, and please don’t hesitate to email me if any new questions arise before our call.

-Jessica, Criminal Defense Attorney

The point is, get in their inbox or cell phone. That’s how you become the lawyer in their life. That’s how you prevent them from calling anyone else to price shop you.

  1. I get a lot of calls but few sales, how can I change this?

    I'll answer this with another question. How much sales training does the person answering your incoming phone calls have? Do they even care if you get the sale?

  2. What do I say when people ask, “How much does it cost?”

    You have to understand that this is a SALES process. The answer to something like, “How much do you charge to represent me in a divorce?” isn't “we charge X amount of dollars.” That question is nothing more than the place where you start SELLING your firm. Telling them why they need to hire you, making them trust you, getting their name, email and phone number for follow up. Etc.

  3. How can I improve my incoming call sales at the firm?

    Most importantly, you have to get the person who answers your phones to actually care. I'd bet money, that the person currently answering your incoming calls isn't going to lose a wink of sleep if you never sign another client again. That has to change.

  4. How do I know if I'm getting “good” leads from my marketing effort?

    All of your incoming phone calls should be recorded so that you can audit them later. You need to know who is dropping the ball. Is it the person taking the incoming call, or is it the person generating the lead. You'll never know this unless you review / audit several incoming phone calls each month. I use a company called to route all of my Clients' incoming calls through so that when they tell me they are getting bad leads, I can literally let them listen to their answering service flush thousands of dollars down the drain on every call.