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Paid AVVO Profile vs. FREE AVVO Profile

Do lawyers need a paid AVVO profile? Is a paid AVVO profile worth it?

My answer is always that your law firm marketing dollars would be better spent else where. In terms of online marketing, I still believe that SEO, Facebook Ads, Google PPC, are all better investments than a paid AVVO profile and you should focus on those before ever paying for an AVVO account.

This post includes 2 videos. The first one discusses how to maximize / optimize your FREE Avvo account, and the 2nd video is all about why you really don’t need a paid AVVO account.

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Video Summary:

  1. Google trusts the AVVO website, therefore you want backlinks to your lawyer website from it.
  2. You also need relevant lawyer backlinks to your lawyer website. Google knows that AVVO is a lawyer profile site, so they expect lawyers to have a backlink from this site.
  3. Video marketing is extremely important for lawyers. Therefore, embed your Youtube Videos in your avvo profile.
  4. You need relevant lawyer backlinks to your guest posts and other online profiles. Avvo allows you to insert backlinks to these (video shows you how).

Bonus Videos

Is a Paid AVVO Account Worth it for Lawyers?

I don’t think so, and here is why…