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How to Start A Side Business This Year

Hey > I’M STARTING A SIDE BUSINESS! Cuz I need more $$$, & hate my job.
I get this call from friends, family, cousins, uncles, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs…weekly.

The Side Business Rules

1) Find a paying client.

Don’t build website.
Don’t hire marketing company.
Don’t blog.
Just find one person to pay money for the service you offer.
Focus on what makes you money. -Alex Becker

2) Start a subscription model business only.

Monthly recurring income.
Find one client to pay you $250 or $500 per month.
Prove the business model.
Raise monthly rate on next client. Again. Again.
Do not work with one and done clients or products.
Provide a service that must be paid for monthly.
Recurring stack-able income.
Make money for your clients.

3) Stay in your wheelhouse.

I’m a lawyer.

I personally know hundreds of lawyers.

I have thousands of lawyer connections online.

I started a lawyer search engine optimization agency.

Every problem you have.

Are the same problems everyone in your industry has.

Fix that problem.

Scale it out to everyone in your industry.

4) Niche. Niche. Niche even further.

This year’s winners will specialize.

DustinSanchezTV is a lawyer marketing agency.

In the beginning it was ONLY search engine optimization for solo attorneys practicing DWI defense.

Specialization = scale-ability = fast income growth.

After scale-able infrastructure is in place, you may expand the services offered.

Or not.

UPDATE OCT. 2020: If you plan to start a side business, then I suggest you take the $100 One Funnel Away Challenge. I have never seen a better crash course in marketing a business.

5) Protect the asset.

You are the asset.

Value your health.

Physical. Mental. Emotional. Spiritual.

Life kills people.

Establish a morning routine.

Exercise daily.

Eat like a healthy person.

Sleep like a healthy person.

Interact with human beings (that you love) offline, often.

If anyone in your life thinks that you need help with an alcohol or substance abuse problem, then get help, just to be on the safe side, even if that person is an asshat.

Do number 5 before you do number 1.

Final thoughts on marketing

Notice there is nothing in this list about marketing.

Don’t spend money on marketing.

Until you are at $10,000 per month recurring.

Lightening will strike you six times.

Before you find a positive return on investment marketing agency.

Final thoughts on learned helplessness

But I don’t know how to internet.

Learn. Read. YouTube. Do. Mistakes. Adjust. Repeat.

But I don’t know if anyone will pay for this.

Learn. Read. YouTube. Do. Mistakes. Adjust. Repeat.

But I don’t know how to collect recurring payments online.

Learn. Read. YouTube. Do. Mistakes. Adjust. Repeat.

But I don’t know…

Learn. Read. YouTube. Do. Mistakes. Adjust. Repeat.

Welcome to entrepreneurship.

Suggested Reading

Choose Yourself, or The Daily Practice – None of this bullcrap matters if you’re not healthy. Money is not going to fix anything in your life. It’s you. You’re the problem. You’re the solution.

The Four Hour Work Week – Right now you don’t believe anything is possible. That’s a problem. You need to see people doing the impossible. You’ll realize it’s no big deal. This changes everything. Start with this book. Ignore the tactics. Embrace the principles.


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