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LinkedIn Marketing That Isn’t Spammy (and works)

LinkedIn is my largest source of referral traffic, but more importantly, it is my largest source of paying clients.

I’ve learned a few LinkedIn Client Acquisition strategies (from people who I respect) and most of them did nothing for me.

And if you’re still teaching people to spam the inboxes of their LinkedIn contacts, then punch yourself in the face.

Here’s the Non-Spammy LinkedIn Marketing Strategy that’s working for me right now.

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LinkedIn Publishing for Client Acquisition

You can watch the 8 minute video, but the LinkedIn Publishing method that I’m using really boils down to 3 easy steps.

  1. Install the LinkedIn App
  2. Use the LinkedIn App to connect with as many potential customers (in your specific niche) as possible
  3. Write super-helpful blog articles on LinkedIn Pulse

How To Use LinkedIn Pulse for Business Growth

Bonus – Step 4: Rank your LinkedIn Pulse Articles on Page 1 of the Google Search Results.


That first organic search result is my LinkedIn Pulse Article, the 2nd listing is my Quora answer.

You send a few backlinks to a strategically titled LinkedIn Pulse article and it is likely to rank very high in the SERPs because is a very powerful domain. That Pulse article out-ranks my own website for lawyer facebook ads.

Super Secret Ninja Bonus – Step 5: Use YouTube video in your LinkedIn Pulse article. Too many advantages to adding YouTube in the mix for me to list here, but…

  • Video content easily establishes trust
  • Google favors Youtube in the SERPs
  • YouTube is a huge traffic source
  • Videos get more real estate in LinkedIn feeds
  • The raw video file can also be uploaded to Facebook

Who Is Dustin Sanchez?

I’m a lawyer in Texas, who quit practicing law because I was making too much money on the internet. I help lawyers get rich by putting their website on the first page of the Google search results and by running law firm Facebook ads that actually work. Call (832) 305-5997,, or, if you ain’t no punk >>