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The “Law School Caper” – Lawyer Makes Rap Video About Struggling Attorneys

Tim Ferriss saved my life.

He exposed the lie.

As a kid in the 90s there was this lie that everyone believed.

Our parents told it to us.

Our teachers told us this lie.

Our heroes on television told us this lie.

Politicians, rappers, athletes, morning cartoons, and afternoon specials.

And we believed it.

You can’t be happy, unless you have this piece of paper.”

Go into life-long debt.

Forget your dreams.

Spend your best years getting a college degree, in a subject you’re not interested in, so you can get a $50,000 a year job that you don’t like, and play death by cubicle for the next 40 years to happily retire in your late 60s.


Surprise Mutha-Sucka!

Then we left college with our five figure debt and 12 + 4 years of training for a system that no longer existed.

There were no jobs.

There was no comfortable retirement to shoot for.

And we had no marketable skills.

A worthless piece of paper.

Hence, Law School…

Question: What do you do when you find yourself with college loan debt, a worthless degree, and no marketable skills?

Answer: Begin studying for the LSAT.

It was the same lie.

  1. Get your J.D.
  2. Choose one of the many six figure salary positions that will be waiting for you.

More training for a system that no longer existed.

This time we left with six figure debt.

We had no marketable skills.

And there were no six figure jobs.

A Law Degree is Simply a License to Open a Business

The internet.


The commoditization of the legal industry.

Downward pressure on legal fees.

More and more law school graduates find no waiting jobs and must open their own firm to survive.

Those who find jobs realize that it’s an unstable job that may disappear in a year or two.

And the reality is that you are all just business owners.

You have no sales training.

You  have no marketing skills.

You know how to practice law.

But you do not know how to obtain clients.

The lie was that those skills were for losers.

“Winners” simply had to get a degree and they would be taken care of for life.

Hence, the law school caper.

Enter the Lawyer Marketing Expert

In 2008, half-way through law school, I took a semester off to read The Four Hour Work Week and build a speed dating website in Clearlake Texas.

This is one of those “before and after” books.

There is your life before you read this book, and your life after you read this book.

Red pill, blue pill sort of thing.

My eyes were open.

You didn’t need a piece of paper to be happy, or even money.

And every single classmate sitting beside me in Torts was going to be in desperate need of my marketing skills.

Lawyers are a dime a dozen.

Positive Return On Investment Lawyer Marketing Experts are EXTREMELY rare. (Just ask the hundreds of lawyers who call me each year because they want to stop burning marketing dollars on completely worthless “experts” and switch over to DustinSanchezTV.)

Yeah, I got the J.D.

I even practiced for about 4 years.

That’s really nothing but lawyer street cred for my marketing clients.

If your phone doesn’t ring, and you need some damn clients so you can practice law, then fill out my Client Discovery Form and let’s do this.

Law School Caper Lyrics


It’s Dustin Sanchez TV, You lawyers come to see me.

It’s Dustin Sanchez TV, You lawyers come to see me.

Verse 1:

She said I graduated with a J.D.

And no one wants to pay me.

I wasn’t in the top 10.

And BIG LAW isn’t calling.


And now you see her crying.

Cuz she can’t get no clients.

Verse 2:

Oh yeah you better call your boy D.

On DustinSanchezTV

He hit you with that S.E.O.

And Facebook Ads you better know.


And now you in denial.

Tomorrow going viral.

Verse 3:

Because we killing on YouTube.

And Instagram I got you.

It’s DustinSanchezTV

You lawyers come to see me.

Verse 4:

It’s the world’s greatest caper.

The law school caper.

They said I need this paper. (a law degree)

So I can get this paper. (cash)

And now I got this paper. (student loan debt)

And I can’t get no paper. (cash)



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