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How to Get 80+ FREE Web2.0 Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization for Law Firm Websites is still one of the fastest ways to make money as a lawyer. This lawyer video blog shows you three ways to get a ton of powerful backlinks to your attorney website (any website really). And don’t be fooled, backlinks are still the cornerstone of SEO.

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Video Summary:
How I get 80+ Powerful, High Authority, Trusted Website backlinks to rank my own websites and to rank my clients’ websites on the first page of the Google Search results.

This is Video No. 1 in my 100 Lawyer Marketing Videos Series.

Method No. 1: Just go to my website here and steal my spreadsheet showing where I’m getting 80+ free Web2.0 Profile Backlinks.

Method 2: Go to 60 Profile Builder and then pay $39 (as of Feb 2017) and they will build you 60 Web2.0 Profiles, all done for you and for $39 it’s ridiculous.

Method 3: Super Ninja Spying on the top performing lawyer websites backlink profile to see the top secret ninja jui juitsu web 2.0 profiles that they are using to get on page one…ALL EXPLAINED IN THE VIDEO.


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