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Back-End Funnels…”No More ONE & DONE Clients” – Stacking your income


One of the largest business mistakes attorneys make is the “One-&-Done” Client.

EVERYBODY who calls your office, or hires you, should be placed in your “marketing funnel,” they should be followed-up with forever via email, text message, snail mail, and the occasional phone call.

You should become “THE LAWYER IN THEIR LIFE.”

They should never pay for legal services (of any kind) ever again, without consulting you first.

If you handle someone’s divorce, or Will, or DWI, or any legal service, and that person pays you, then you should follow up with them forever.

When that person’s sister gets divorced…that person’s sister should be calling you. When that person’s nephew gets a DWI…the nephew should be calling you.

How Do You Make This Happen?


1st, it’s a mind-set shift.

Shift priority from “signing new clients” to “BECOMING THE LAWYER IN SOMEONE’S LIFE.”

2nd, you must have a back-end marketing funnel (a follow up funnel)…

…and every incoming call, every signed client must be placed into that funnel and followed-up with forever.

And in this follow up funnel you must ADD VALUE to that person’s life.

You must become their friend, the lawyer on the white horse…the lawyer in their life.

You should have an email auto-responder…I recommend MailChimp (because it’s the easiest to learn) but any auto-responder will do.

You may also want a text message auto-responder or text message messaging service. I recommend YepText.

SIDE NOTE: Unless you study and learn effective email marketing, you are not going to get very high open rates. Maybe 5% of all your email sends will ever actually open your emails, and most of you will just end up in the promotions folder or spam folder and nobody will ever see your email. There are 2 ways around this (1) hire someone who actually knows what they are doing [RARE], or (2) use Text messaging instead of email marketing (open rates are much higher, but you still have to know what you are doing).

Send the occaisional snail mail post card.

Have someone in your office follow up with the occasional phone call just to remind past clients and past callers of some interesting legal change…

Do anything, just don’t let anyone who ever interacts with your business forget that you are the lawyer in their life.

This is how you build a self-perpetuating book of business and continuously growing income.

This is how you turn 1 new client into 20 new clients.

Out-Spend Your Competitors

The mistake most lawyers are making (90% of them) is that they do someone’s divorce, or handle someone’s criminal matter…and then that person is lost forever. That person is never contacted again.

Instead of pouring time and money into nurturing relationships that have already resulted in income (paying clients) most lawyers focus all of their marketing efforts into finding new clients.

If every day you have to wake up and sign a new client to make money, then your business will not survive long. If all you have is “one and done” clients, then YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO SPEND VERY MUCH MONEY TO ACQUIRE NEW CLIENTS.

Why is that? It’s because one new client is only worth $7,000 to you (or however much the average ONE new client is worth to your firm).

BUT…if you have a follow up funnel, and you can turn 1 new client into 20 new clients, then you know that 1 new client is worth $7,000 X 20 = $140,000.

Meaning, you can grow your business faster, because you can afford to out-spend your competitors to acquire new business.

You can hire the best search engine marketing / Facebook Ads guy around (me), you can hire the best Google PPC guy (Ed Stapleton), you can afford an entire marketing department, you can afford associates, you can take yourself completely out of the business…you can afford to actually treat your law firm like a business…all because you have a back-end funnel, you turn 1 new client into 20 new clients.

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