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Why YouTube Pays Aiden Durham to Market Her Law Firm | Lawyer Marketing Show 003

After her 3L law school internship, Aiden realized that she was not going to get a job offer. So she decided to start her own law firm business.

As a new business owner, she had to figure out a way to affordably get new clients for her law firm.

Aiden Durham got on every free lawyer marketing directory, and she started making YouTube videos.

Two things happened…

  1. 80%-90% of Aiden’s law firm clients now come from her YouTube channel.
  2. YouTube pays Aiden Durham to make lawyer videos.

How Aiden Durham Built a Law Firm on YouTube

Aiden bootstrapped her law firm with nothing more than a laptop and a YouTube channel. Today she’s one of the most prominent Business & Branding Attorneys online. #lawyermarketingshow Number 3 is about How Aiden Durham Built a Thriving Law Firm from the Ground Up with the YouTube Channel All Up In Yo Business.

How To Find Attorney Aiden Durham

Video Description

Instead of paying a #lawyermarketing company, Aiden jumped on every free lawyer directory and focused on making consistent YouTube videos about business law and intellectual property law.

Currently she has about 180 videos and enough views from her YouTube channel to call it a 2nd income stream.

If you’ve ever thought of taking control of your own marketing, then you’ll love the Lawyer Marketing Show No. 3

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What’s Working NOW in Lawyer Marketing

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