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How Angela Langlotz Built Her Law Firm With Facebook Videos | Lawyer Marketing Show 001

Video Marketing With Angela Langlotz

How Angela Langlotz sold her practice, started all over from zero, and used daily live videos on Facebook, and 450 YouTube videos to build a thriving Trademark Law practice on her terms. She is one of the leading Trademark Attorneys online, and a video marketing expert. If you’ve ever thought about taking control of your ability to get clients, with video marketing, then this is the episode for you.

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Special Thanks to Guest Co-Host Attorney Shannon Quadros

Shannon Quadros is a construction and real estate attorney in Houston, Tx and a Shareholder at Kilmer Crosby & Quadros, PLLC.

11:00 Minutes

Angela Langlotz is a Trademark Attorney in Dallas, Texas and also trains attorneys in video marketing. She used Facebook LIVE videos to build her law firm after selling her practice and starting from zero.

12:00 Minutes

How and why Angela got into Facebook Live video marketing to build her practice.

Benefits of Live Video for Lawyers

  • No editing / Post Production, Saves Time
  • Your true personality comes through. Helps develop “know, like, and trust.”
  • Many social media platform algorithms prefer “Live” video over other content.

26:00 Minutes

Angela Describes Her Video Making Process.

  • Angela prefers 3-5 minute video length. “Snackable” content.
  • Angela prefers Live video because…no editing.
  • She does not wait for people to show up to her Live audience. She just hits Live and GOES!
  • Angela goes Live, just about every day, on Facebook.
  • She also uploads the video files to her YouTube channel. She has 450 videos on YouTube in addition to her Live content on Facebook.
  • Angela uses simple equipment. Simple lighting, mic, and webcam.
  • Angela keeps a spreadsheet with potential video topics and doesn’t do much planning, just turns on the camera and talks.
  • Here Angela, also goes into detail about where / how she gets her video topics, i.e., what to talk about.

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