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Top 10 Rules of Lawyer SEO

Rule Number 1 – Practice Where There is Search Volume This rule actually has 2 parts. It has to do with (1) physical location, and (2) legal practice area. Lawyer SEO Is Local and Based On Your Office Address Physical Location – Put your office address in a real city, a major metropolitan area…an actual […]

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How To Get More Online Reviews For Your Business…the easy way

This post is all value, no fluff. I’m really just making it so that I have an instructional article to send to every one of my own clients. Why Are Online Reviews Important? At this time, just about everyone realizes that almost all online reviews are bullcrap. Good reviews can be, and are, purchased every […]

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Did You Know That You Can Embed LinkedIn Posts On Your Website?

So yeah, I’m famous on LinkedIn. It’s really no big deal, but I’m kind of a big deal on LinkedIn. And if you’re not on LinkedIn following me on LinkedIn, then here’s what you are missing out on. Why LinkedIn Slays For Business Owners Almost all of my business comes from LinkedIn marketing. Here’s why… […]

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Lawyer Chatbots – Convert Website Visitors into Paying Clients

The commodification of legal services. Downward pressure on legal fees. Lawyers are being commoditized. Price shopped to Hades. Why? Technology shifts power to the legal consumer. No more gate keepers. The internet makes it easy to price shop the top ten lawyers in any city. I SMELL OPPORTUNITY. Attorneys Use Chatbots to Build Trust People […]

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How to Start A Side Business This Year

Hey > I’M STARTING A SIDE BUSINESS! Cuz I need more $$$, & hate my job. I get this call from friends, family, cousins, uncles, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs…weekly. — The Side Business Rules 1) Find a paying client.   Don’t build website.   Don’t hire marketing company.   Don’t blog.   Just find one person […]

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