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How I Saved A Law Firm That Was On Complete Life Support

BANKRUPTCY LAWYER SAVES HER BUSINESS…October 2016; I get a phone call, “Dustin, PLEASE help me, I NEED CLIENTS NOW!” She was buying leads…that were crap, that were also being sold to TEN other bankruptcy attorneys. I said, “Look, I’m going to put you on Page One of Google, and I’m going to put you in […]

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Family Law Blog Topics, Divorce Lawyer Blogging Methods

How to pull divorce and family law clients off of the internet with your family law blog. SEO is hard, content marketing is easier and potentially more effective. But, you have to choose the right topics. Here’s how… Divorce Lawyer Blog Topics – Video from Aug. 9, 2021  Controversial Family Law Topics Divorce Lawyer […]

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Criminal Law Blog Topics

IT. IS. TOO. EASY. to generate a metric ton of relevant traffic to your criminal lawyer website with criminal law blog articles. In the video below, I show an attorney in a small town who is generating 800-1700 visits per month with his blog. The whole thing is explained in detail, with examples…but here is […]

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Video is the Future of Lawyer Marketing

VIDEO…frequently published, low budget, personable…it is the fastest way to build a law practice from nothing to 5 or 6 figure$ per month. Here’s how I’d do it… Hire me here All 4 Videos in the Video Marketing Series are here. Also published by Dustin Sanchez… >> Automatic Client Generation for Attorneys Click here to […]

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Personal Injury Law Blog Topics

GOOGLE SEARCH…is still the most effective way to get personal injury clients on the internet anywhere. But, trying to out-rank 10 personal injury law firm seo experts like me for something like Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer is going to be very expensive and take at least 9-13 months before you get to page one, and […]

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