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Take Your Profile to the Next Level

Dropped another video in the Lawyer Backlinks Series. Just showing you how to get the Best Lawyer Website Backlinks. You might want to go ahead and subscribe to the official DustinSanchezTV YouTube channel. lawyer backlinks Do you need more clients? Want to work with someone who actually knows how to bring new clients to your […]

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The Online Reviews That Matter…

Where should you focus on getting your online reviews? There are so many different review websites to choose from, and it can be difficult to know where you should focus your efforts. Here are the 3 most important online review websites that every small business should focus on. LinkedIn Recommendations Why You Need Them: If […]

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The Criminal Lawyer Case Study: Does SEO Actually Work?

Most of my clients are lawyers. It was only natural to approach my law school friends first when I started my law firm marketing business. I’ve since expanded to other niches,  but I still love to work with attorneys because having practiced law, I have a great advantage over other online marketers who don’t know […]

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Lawyer Blogging That Actually Works

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I wrote a Dating Blog in law school. Literally “in” law school. When I wasn’t playing Online Poker in the back of class, I was writing blog articles about my modest dating exploits in Clearlake, Texas. Consequently, I did not end up being a very good lawyer…but I can blog the shiznit out of your […]

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Effective Content Marketing on Facebook = ROI

I’ve been getting law firm leads for my clients by running Facebook ads, but they are not the traditional “service marketing” ads that you are familiar with. The newest trend in small business marketing is “Content Marketing” on Facebook or LinkedIn. And here’s how it works…

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