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Why YouTube Pays Aiden Durham to Market Her Law Firm | Lawyer Marketing Show 003

After her 3L law school internship, Aiden realized that she was not going to get a job offer. So she decided to start her own law firm business. As a new business owner, she had to figure out a way to affordably get new clients for her law firm. Aiden Durham got on every free […]

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3,000+ YouTube Videos & Gerry Oginski’s THRIVING Injury Law Firm

Attorney Gerry Oginski’s secretary told him the firm was going BROKE. He spent $25,000 on Yellowpages and still no influx of clients. Learn how he ZAPPED his marketing problems & built a THRIVING MEDICAL MALPRACTICE LAW FIRM by publishing simple YouTube Videos every week. 📰 >> Lawyer Marketing Newsletter Lawyer Marketing Show 002 Show Notes […]

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How Angela Langlotz Built Her Law Firm With Facebook Videos | Lawyer Marketing Show 001

Video Marketing With Angela Langlotz How Angela Langlotz sold her practice, started all over from zero, and used daily live videos on Facebook, and 450 YouTube videos to build a thriving Trademark Law practice on her terms. She is one of the leading Trademark Attorneys online, and a video marketing expert. If you’ve ever thought […]

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How To Get Your First 100 Google Reviews

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Step 1: Creating The Easily Shareable Link Open a new web browser, goto, and make sure that you are logged out of all gmail accounts. Do a google search for your Business name, or your name with the word “attorney” before it. Find the Google knowledge Graph on the right hand side of the […]

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SEO Is For Suckers

SEO is what you do when nobody knows who you are. It’s important, but it’s checkers, not chess. An Open Letter To My Clients, Past, Present, And Future A law firm website has ONE purpose, to convert website visitors into phone calls. It has no other purpose. It can do nothing more than convert website […]

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