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How to Start A Side Business This Year

Hey > I’M STARTING A SIDE BUSINESS! Cuz I need more $$$, & hate my job. I get this call from friends, family, cousins, uncles, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs…weekly. — The Side Business Rules 1) Find a paying client.   Don’t build website.   Don’t hire marketing company.   Don’t blog.   Just find one person […]

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The “Law School Caper” – Lawyer Makes Rap Video About Struggling Attorneys

Tim Ferriss saved my life. He exposed the lie. As a kid in the 90s there was this lie that everyone believed. Our parents told it to us. Our teachers told us this lie. Our heroes on television told us this lie. Politicians, rappers, athletes, morning cartoons, and afternoon specials. And we believed it. “You […]

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Divorce Lawyer SEO | 3-Pronged Attack

Divorce Lawyer Website Marketing isn’t just about SEO anymore. While I am the top Divorce Attorney SEO Expert, I’m now using the DustinSanchezTV 3-Pronged Attack that is helping lawyers sign new clients at an alarming rate. Dustin Sanchez – Law Firm Marketing Articles – (832) 305-5997 While this article is geared towards divorce attorneys, this […]

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Back-End Funnels…”No More ONE & DONE Clients” – Stacking your income

LAWYER BUSINESS TIP #1–THE DAY OF THE ONE AND DONE CLIENT IS OVER. One of the largest business mistakes attorneys make is the “One-&-Done” Client. EVERYBODY who calls your office, or hires you, should be placed in your “marketing funnel,” they should be followed-up with forever via email, text message, snail mail, and the occasional […]

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How I Saved A Law Firm That Was On Complete Life Support

BANKRUPTCY LAWYER SAVES HER BUSINESS…October 2016; I get a phone call, “Dustin, PLEASE help me, I NEED CLIENTS NOW!” She was buying leads…that were crap, that were also being sold to TEN other bankruptcy attorneys. I said, “Look, I’m going to put you on Page One of Google, and I’m going to put you in […]

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