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Family Law Blog Topics, Divorce Lawyer Blogging Methods

How to pull divorce and family law clients off of the internet with your family law blog.

SEO is hard, content marketing is easier and potentially more effective. But, you have to choose the right topics.

Here’s how…

Divorce Lawyer Blog Topics – Video from Aug. 9, 2021

Controversial Family Law Topics

Divorce Lawyer Blogging

How to write a divorce lawyer blog

  1. Find the winners. Do a google search and write down the URLs of the first 10 divorce lawyers in the search results in your city (or your State if you are in a small city).
  2. Copy the winners. Go blog about the exact same “topics” that they are blogging about. Don’t copy word for word, but put your own spin on the same topics.
  3. Power up your website. You really don’t have to hire the best law firm SEO expert, but you will have to throw some quality backlinks at your site. I recommend…
    1. 80 Free Backlinks
    2. Best Lawyer Profiles
  4. Re-Target Site Visitors. This is really bonus material here, but you are going to be generating a ton of long tail search traffic to your site if u implement this plan. Now those ppl will be at the top of the sales funnel, so you will want to get back in front of them as soon as they leave your site. Do this by installing a Facebook pixel on your site, then hit them with a retargeting ad on Facebook.

Top 11 Divorce Lawyer Blog Topics in Any City

Look, I’m just throwing this in as a bonus. Every divorce lawyer or family law attorney website in any city, should include some version of these 11 articles.

  1. How much does a divorce lawyer cost in [city]?
  2. [City] child support modification order.
  3. [City] Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer
  4. What is the waiting period for divorce in [City]?
  5. Do I have to pay alimony or spousal support if I get divorced in [City]?
  6. [City] Divorce Lawyer For Men
  7. [City] Divorce Lawyer For Women
  8. [City] Divorce Lawyer Reviews
  9. Who is the best / top divorce lawyer in [City]?
  10. Low Cost Divorce Lawyer in [City]
  11. Flat Fee Divorce Lawyer in [City]

Does Divorce Lawyer Blogging Work?

If you purchase my $2,750 $3,000+ Divorce Lawyer Content Bomb, then you get 20 Divorce Lawyer Articles that will generate an explosion of traffic to your site. It’s mainly about choosing the right topics (high search volume / low competition / high commerciality) instead of just throwing random crap on your site and calling that blogging.

What is high commerciality?

High Commerciality means that these divorce attorney blog topics are calculated to generate organic search traffic from potential paying clients. I am unique among law firm marketing consultants in that (1) I am a licensed attorney, and (2) I was actually making MONEY on the internet long before I ever took on a single law firm marketing client.

This is why I am able to choose legal article topics that will actually make you money.

How to purchase the Divorce Lawyer Content Bomb

  1. Use the contact form on this page to email me, SUBJECT HEADER: Divorce Lawyer Content Bomb
  2. Include your name, personal phone number (if I get a receptionist or anyone other than you, then we will not work together), and personal email address.
  3. Answer the phone when I call. If I can’t get you on the phone in 24 hours, then we will not work together.

How Much Does The Divorce Lawyer Content Bomb Cost?

  • It’s a one-time fee of $2,750, or contact for latest prices.

What Kind of Blog Articles Do You Get?

  • The article topics are strategically chosen to generate organic search traffic from paying clients.
  • The articles are written by licensed attorneys, current law students, or law students who have graduated, taken the Bar and are waiting on their Bar Exam results.
  • The articles are 350 to 500 words in length. Sometimes longer, but never shorter.
  • If you want me to post the articles to your website, then you must have a WordPress website. If your website is not built on a wordpress template, then you will get the blog articles in Google Document format and your webmaster will post the articles.

Take a look at this image from my client’s Google Search Console…

The image below shows that my client’s divorce attorney website traffic doubled in 28 days after they purchased the Divorce Lawyer Blog Content Bomb. Over time, as Google crawls their site, the traffic will grow exponentially, and keep growing as they pick up more and more long tail search traffic caused by having articles on their site that people are actually searching for.

divorce lawyer blogging results

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Divorce Lawyer Legal Blog Topic FAQ

Why do I need a lawyer blog?

If you're using SEO as a marketing tactic, then you cannot ONLY compete on major keywords like atlanta divorce lawyer. You will need to also attract traffic from the top of the marketing funnel, so you'll need blog articles that target keywords like how to modify my child support in Georgia, or how long does it take to get divorced in Atlanta. You can't show up in Google for these queries if you do not have the content on your website. Hence, the legal blog.

How much does a lawyer blog cost?

If you actually want your blog to produce paying clients for you, then you will need to find an pay an actual expert. Most online marketers and bloggers don't have a freaking clue about anything so no matter how much money you give them it will be completely worthless. But, if you find someone like me, who actually knows how to help lawyers make money, then your blog will not cost you a single penny because it will just make you money month after month. Hit up my contact page.

What are the hot topics in family law?

Just drop me an email and I'll send you my free download with all of the divorce lawyer topics that I use in every family law campaign.

Should I blog, or make videos?

Both. I advise all of my clients to make videos to accompany each blog that we write. That way you are covered on Google search, and you are covered on YouTube search.

Isn't lawyer blogging dead?

Nope! And the more people who think it is, the easier it becomes to dominate an entire city just off a good divorce lawyer blog.