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Criminal Law Blog Topics

IT. IS. TOO. EASY. to generate a metric ton of relevant traffic to your criminal lawyer website with criminal law blog articles.

In the video below, I show an attorney in a small town who is generating 800-1700 visits per month with his blog.

The whole thing is explained in detail, with examples…but here is the basic idea:


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Criminal Lawyer Blogging Strategy

In law school we had the text book supplements that explained the law more clearly. Many attorneys continue to purchase those because they are just easy practice references.

You could literally, just go to every law in one of those books (like the one shown in my video) and just summarize, in your own words, every law, and make each one a blog article on your site.

Then you just get your lawyer profiles and 80backlinks, and you will rank for long tail.

If you are really, smart,  you will add your own video commentary to each blog article.

#BOOM, Fire! Clients, Money!!

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