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Immigration Lawyer SEO + Facebook Ads for Immigration Law Firms

No rambling intro here. Just getting right into it.

Facebook Ads can work in any city, in any law practice area, BUT Search Engine Optimization (SEO) does not “work” for EVERY lawyer.

Which brings us to Rule No. 1.

1st Rule of Law Firm SEO

Back in February of 2019 I published the Top 10 Rules of Lawyer SEO.

Rule No. 1 – Practice where there is search volume.

I am LITERALLY the only SEO expert talking about this, mainly because, the ONLY thing anyone else cares about is taking your money.

If nobody is searching Google for your particular keyword (which includes city and practice area), then it doesn’t matter if I put you number one page one for that keyword; you’re not going to get any dang phone calls.

So before you pay someone $3,000+ a month to rank you for “[your city] immigration lawyer,” you better be certain that there are people looking for this keyword.

We call this search volume.

Rule No. 1 ONLY applies if you want to use SEO to market your law firm. BUT…

If you want to use SEO to market your law firm, then you better practice where there is search volume.

I explain this concept extensively in my article, so I don’t want to rehash it here.

If you hire me to do your SEO, then you don’t have to worry about this, I got you.

This paragraph is for all the other marketing “experts” who read and plagiarize every article I publish, while also giving all of their clients ZERO R.O.I. because they rank them for keywords with ZERO search volume.

We’ll talk about Facebook Ads for immigration lawyers soon, but now let’s get into the basics of Immigration Attorney Search Engine Optimization…

Video 1 | Immigration Lawyer Marketing Basics

On-Page SEO & Web Design for Immigration Lawyers

Immigration Lawyer Web Design Basics

Rule No. 1 of Lawyer Web Design


My ONLY concern when designing lawyer websites is this:

How well does your website convert internet traffic into phone calls?

I don’t care about colors.

I don’t care about logos.

I don’t care about your favorite font.

Lawyers make money when a potential client CALLS them and somebody somebody picks up that phone call and converts that incoming phone call into a paying client.

My job, the purpose of SEO, the purpose of ALL DIGITAL MARKETING is to create internet traffic, and then send that internet traffic to your website.

Your website’s job is to convert that internet traffic into a phone call.


Because law firms make money when they convert incoming phone calls into paying clients.

This means that YOUR PHONE NUMBER is the most important thing on your website.

Your phone number should SLAP every website visitor in the face.

You’ve got about 3 seconds to convert any one website visitor.

It’s cold traffic. They don’t know you.

It doesn’t matter if you have the prettiest website in the world.

If your phone number doesn’t SLAP the visitor in the face within 3 seconds, you’ve just lost that client.

And all the money you’re spending to send internet traffic to a website that can’t convert internet traffic into phone calls, was wasted.

Rule No. 2 of Immigration Lawyer Website Design

It’s MOBILE traffic.

80%+ of all internet traffic happens on a mobile device.

In most cases that means someone is VIEWING YOUR WEBSITE ON A CELL PHONE SCREEN.

Most cell phone screens are about 2.5″ wide by 3.5″ tall.

This has 3 very important web design implications.

  1. Most aesthetic design considerations are negligible.
  2. Speed matters.
  3. They are holding their PHONE in their hand, make it easy for them to call.

Let’s look at all 3 of those implications.

Most Law Firm Web Design Aesthetics are Negligible.

Pick up your cell phone, open the internet, and go to ANY website on your cell phone.

What do you see?

How “pretty” is the website you’re looking at when viewed on your cell phone screen?

You don’t see anything other than A SINGLE COLUMN OF TEXT.


Therefore, all of your ridiculous web design request are neglibible.

Aesthetics do not matter.

Why is it important for you to realize that aesthetics don’t matter?


Speed Matters

Website loading speed matters.

Cell phones have smaller processors than desktop computers.

Cell phone have less processing power than desktop computers.

Cell phone processors are slower than desktop computers.

80%+ of the time, your website will be loading on a mobile device, and NOT a desktop computer.

Nearly EVERYTHING you do to make your website more beautiful…more aesthetically pleasing…

Nearly EVERYTHING you do to make your website look less like a single column of text is going to slow your website loading speed down on a mobile device.

And if the website visitor has to wait more than a couple of seconds for your website to load on their cell phone, then they are just going to LEAVE your website.

And it doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is…

If you’re paying someone like me $5,000 a month to send traffic to your website, and nearly every website visitor just closes out of your website because it takes to long to load, then you are not going to get any phone calls, and if you don’t get any phone calls, then you are not going to make any money.

This is why whoever designed your website has to realize that THE ONLY PURPOSE OF A LAW FIRM WEBSITE IS TO CONVERT INTERNET TRAFFIC INTO PHONE CALLS.

And it’s also why you have to realize that…

They are holding their phone. Make it easy for them to call.

One percent!

In online marketing we consider a ONE PERCENT CONVERSION RATE to be a win.

If you convert 1% of your website traffic into phone calls, then you’re beating > 99% of the internet.

What does that mean?

It means little things…obvious things…like having your damn phone number on the mobile version of your website are the difference between whether you make money this month or have to go back to being an employees at your old boss’ crappy law firm.

Everything I’ve talked about above MATTERS.

And we haven’t even got into SEO yet.

We haven’t talked about backlinks, blog articles, meta-titles, copyrighting, ad targeting, rankings, etc.

None of that matters if you don’t address the painfully obvious truths I’ve revealed above.

And chances are you’ve never met, paid, worked with, or heard of a lawyer marketing “expert” who has ever even thought of these critical pieces of a marketing plan.

Getting Immigration Lawyer Marketing Right

This is only Article #1 of my Immigration Lawyer Digital Marketing series.

But if you don’t address the obvious, like putting your phone number on your website, then nothing else matters.

In Article No. 2 we’ll talk about immigration attorney backlinks, the cornerstone of all SEO.

Immigration Lawyer Blog Article Topics

In Article No. 3 we’ll talk about immigration lawyer blog article topics (i.e., the easiest way to steal market share).

I don’t know if I will make a full on blog article for how to choose immigration lawyer blog topics.

It is just easier to explain with a video, so here is that video:

In Article No. 4 we’ll talk about immigration lawyer Facebook ads (the fastest “win” in immigration law firm marketing).

In Article No. 5 we’ll talk about YouTube video marketing for immigration law firms.

In Article No. 6 we’ll talk about using TikTok, Instagram videos, and Facebook videos to grow your immigration law firm.

But, if you want to jump to the front of the line and out-market every other immgration law firm in your city, then click here to schedule a quick marketing consult.

This is the first step in working with Dustin Sanchez Media, LLC to explode your online marketing.

Immigration Attorney Digital Marketing FAQ

Does SEO work for Immigration Lawyers?

It absolutely does, but ONLY if you follow the instructions I have included in this article. Otherwise all of your money is wasted on bull jive. Read the article and then hit me up with any questions.

How much does immigration law firm SEO cost?

Immigration law firm search engine optimization doesn't cost my clients anything because they MAKE MONEY from SEO, they don't spend money on it. If every month you're making double, triple, or even 10x more money from SEO than you're paying me for it, then SEO doesn't cost you anything.

Do immigration lawyer Facebook ads work?

Currently immigration lawyers have no bigger bang for their marketing dollar than Facebook ads. BUT only if they person running your Facebook ads actually knows how to use the internet to make money. Most people who do run Facebook ads for lawyers don't have a freaking clue. So buyer beware.

What’s Working Now in Lawyer Marketing?

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