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Squeezing The Most Link Juice and Authority Out of Your LinkedIn Profile

Every business professional should have a LinkedIn profile. If you are trying to achieve a first page Google search ranking, then this profile is just a FREE powerful backlink that Google expects every legitimate business to have.

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The Value of LinkedIn Profile Backlinks

–1– I’ve been able to use LinkedIn Pulse to get extremely powerful do-follow backlinks to my website.

–2–Google the phrase “lawyer facebook ads”…my LinkedIn Pulse article ranks on page 1 usually within the first 3 listings (this produces about 2 calls a week)

–3–Before people hire me, they go to my LinkedIn profile and see all the publications, videos, recommendations…and it all gives me a ton of social credit (and professional credit). It legitimizes me and makes the entire on-boarding process easier.

–4– This LinkedIn profile and all the backlinks drives traffic to my site…and it’s targeted, relevant traffic (buyers).

–5– I can use my LinkedIn profile to “power up” every guest post I publish, every video I publish, and several other online properties.

Here’s The “Ask”…

Am I the best law firm search engine marketing expert alive? Probably.

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