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Video is the Future of Lawyer Marketing

VIDEO…frequently published, low budget, personable…it is the fastest way to build a law practice from nothing to 5 or 6 figure$ per month.

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First you need to keep this in mind. When I talk about video marketing, I’m not talking about high budget television like commercials that you pay an internet video production company to produce.

What is going to be the next big thing in lawyer marketing is social media type, low budget videos. Lawyers who decide to use YouTube or Facebook Video to build a personal 1-on-1 relationship with thousands of people at once. That is what video allows you to do.

The Future of Lawyer Marketing – Beyond 2018

The lawyers that are going to win at video are going to be “do it yourselfers.”

They will not hire a video production company.

They will most likely use their cell phone to shoot videos and upload them to Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram Stories.

Streaming video is going to be a large part of it (Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat).

“Frequency of Publish” Will Be A Thing

There are going to be lawyers who are just “always on.”

They will be leaving to the court house, streaming a live video about how and why they just got a case dismissed…as they are walking to the parking lot.

Young women attorneys will be the first to market with this.

They will have 10,000+ Instagram followers and more work than they can possibly handle.

Their lives will be dominated by “frequency of publish.”

They will always be uploading YouTube videos, Facebook Videos, Facebook Live Videos, Snap videos, Instagram Videos & Stories.

Many Lawyers Will Leave the Practice

Many of these lawyers are going to realize how easy it is to use the internet to get law firm clients and one day they will say, “Why do the work? Why practice when there are hundreds of attorneys who will pay me to just get them clients?”

Many Law School Students Will Have A Stable of Clients Before they Graduate

By the year 2020, you are going to have law school students who build their law firm website / blog / YouTube Channel before they take the LSAT.

By their 3L year they will have built a tribe of 10,000 followers, avid readers, bottomless content consumers. They will sell their services to this same tribe upon graduation.

They will have their own clients, INSTANT BUSINESS, the day they take the oath.

Their first year practicing the law will be $300,000+ profit. They won’t have overhead, they won’t have a physical office.

They will run their entire practice off of Google Drive.

Mark my words, not one of these attorneys will practice more than 3 years after law school.

The moment (and it will happen), the moment they realize how easy it is to use the internet to get law firm clients, they will say to themselves, “Why practice the law? Why deal with the clients? Why sit in traffic every day? Why put on a suit every day, when there are hundreds of attorneys who will pay me to get them clients, from my living room…in my shorts and flip flops?”


Why am I saying these things? How can I say them with confidence?

I am in an industry (online marketing) dominated by 19 year old millionaires.

Kids, with no college education, who have gamified online money getting to make more money in one month than all but the top level lawyer earners make in one year.

Those are the real whiz kids. The kids who know more about marketing than any college marketing professor, on any college campus, anywhere in the world.

Then you have the social media gurus.

The people who used Instagram, or YouTube, or some other App to build a tribe.

Anybody with 10,000+ Instagram followers already has the skill of making money. Anyone sitting in college or law school right now with 10,000+ Instagram followers will not last more than 3 years in the industry for which they are attending college. Because nobody with the skill of money making is going to sit in a cubicle, fight traffic everyday, and need to ask their boss when they want to go to the dentist on a Tuesday…not for a yearly salary that they can make in one month through the online marketing skills they have.

And there are probably hundreds of women sitting in law school right now with 10,000+ Instagram followers.

One of them is going to figure it out. She’ll be the pioneer.

Then a few more. Then it’s basically going to become cliche.

By 2025 lawyer websites will start to disappear. By that time we will start to think about lawyer websites the same way we think about lawyer phone book listings today.

You will do all of your lawyer marketing inside of an App, not on a website.

To survive, you will have to have a tribe. Whether that be a tribe of Instagram followers, Snap followers. We will be at the beginning stages of Internet 3.0 by then so it’s difficult to explain exactly what is going to happen but there will be a contingent of young lawyers who are more marketing expert than attorney. At first they will use their skills to get their own clients. Then many of them are just going to realize that with these skills, there are just easier ways to make money than practicing law.