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100 Lawyer Marketing Videos to help lawyers use internet marketing to get new clients every day. Includes website marketing, attorney website SEO, Facebook Advertising For Lawyers. Where to get the best lawyer profiles. Offline marketing tactics, tips, and hacks.

How to Convert Incoming Phone Calls Into Customers, i.e., paying clients

Your phone answering skills can kill your entire sales funnel. If you, or your receptionist blows it, then all your search engine optimization, organic traffic, or paid traffic is wasted…money down the drain. This simple phone script hack can (1) stop people from price shopping your law firm, and (2) turn incoming phone calls into […]

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How to Get Likes on Facebook Business Page Without Paying…Fast

Here’s a quick hack to score some FREE likes and followers on your Facebook business page. I’ve been doing this on the downlow for all my lawyer clients and now I’m going to go ahead and reveal the secret sauce…see the video below Do you need more clients? Want to work with someone who actually […]

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Paid AVVO Profile vs. FREE AVVO Profile

Do lawyers need a paid AVVO profile? Is a paid AVVO profile worth it? My answer is always that your law firm marketing dollars would be better spent else where. In terms of online marketing, I still believe that SEO, Facebook Ads, Google PPC, are all better investments than a paid AVVO profile and you […]

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How to Get 80+ FREE Web2.0 Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization for Law Firm Websites is still one of the fastest ways to make money as a lawyer. This lawyer video blog shows you three ways to get a ton of powerful backlinks to your attorney website (any website really). And don’t be fooled, backlinks are still the cornerstone of SEO. Check out […]

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